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Private Pay and Global Patient Services
Private Pay Information

If you would like a list of our charges, please call  (716) 859-CARE or email

Patients have the option of choosing to pay for their health care themselves, rather than utilizing health insurance. Patients who choose to privately pay for their procedure/service or who may not have insurance, will need to obtain a self-pay quote for the facility costs at Kaleida Health.

The following information will make the self-pay process a simple one:
Call  (716) 859-8900 or email One of our team members will gladly assist you. Please have the CPT codes (billing codes) for the services you are inquiring about when calling. Ask your referring physician for the appropriate CPT codes.

For a list of our self-pay prices, please call (716) 859-CARE.

A few things to remember:

  • Kaleida Health provides you with an estimate of facility charges based upon the information provided by you and/or your physician. The estimate is not guaranteed and is subject to change based upon actual services rendered.
  • The prices quoted are for Kaleida Health facility costs only. Physician fees are not included. Physician fee's will be billed to the patient separately. Physician's that you may receive a separate bill from could include the surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist, specialist and/or hospitalist.
  • To obtain a quote for anesthesiology, please contact:
    • Great Lakes Anesthesiology
       (716) 323-6570
      (Oishei Children's Hospital or DeGraff Memorial Hospital)
    • Maplegate Anesthesiologists, PC
       (716) 632-1088
      (Buffalo General Medical Center, DeGraff Memorial Hospital, Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital)

Private pay Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a private pay quote?
Please call the private pay quote line at  (716) 859-8900. Our team provides quotes for patients who will be paying all costs out of pocket, without using insurance. You will need to provide the CPT codes for the services you are inquiring about. CPT codes are billing codes used to identify specific services; these CPT codes should be provided to the you by your referring physician. 
What if I don't have insurance?
If you do not have insurance and would like to speak with a financial counselor regarding options, please call  (716) 859-8979 or visit our Financial Assistance Program page. One of our facilitated enrollers will be happy to explain the options available.
What if I am using my insurance and would like a quote regarding the amount I will have to pay after insurance pays their portion (patient responsibility)?
Please contact your health insurance company directly. They will have access to your specific insurance coverage and will be able to give you the most accurate estimate of what you will be responsible to pay. Your insurance company is welcome to contact us should they need additional information.
I am a patient coming to Kaleida Health from out of town. Is there somewhere we can stay
for free or at a discounted rate?
There are two hospitality houses located in downtown Buffalo.

 Kevin Guest House ($25 per night, per person)*
782 Ellicott Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
 (716) 882-1818  

 Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo ($15 per night, per room)*
780 West Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY 14222
 (716) 883-1177
*See websites for eligibility requirements and more information.

 Hotels and Accommodations

What if I am a Canadian Patient and wish to come to Buffalo for services?
Please visit our Canadian patient page for additional information.
Does Kaleida Health offer payment arrangements?
The Private Pay Quote Team can discuss payment options and assist with coordinating payments with our billing specialists. Payment types may include checks, credit cards or wire transfers.
What if I don’t have a doctor?
Use our “Find a Doctor” tool or you may call  (716) 859-CARE and an Access Center Coordinator would be happy to assist. Physicians at Kaleida Health provide quality, compassionate care each and every day. Taking care of you is what we do.
How can I obtain a list of the hospital charges?
Please call  (716) 859-CARE or email