Medical Staff Update
August 2014

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Physician Meeting

Physician Meeting, July 10, 2014

On July 10, Kaleida Health hosted a special meeting for medical/dental staff. Jody Lomeo, president and CEO, David Hughes, MD, MPH, executive vice president and chief medical officer, and other members of Kaleida Health's executive team focused on the organization's commitment to providing safe, quality patient care and improving the relationship between hospital leadership and providers.

The presentation at the meeting highlighted six priorities:

Each priority also has action items that Kaleida Health is pledging to as an organization moving forward. See the full presentation here (PDF).

Patient Identification and Double Identifiers

Proper identification of patients is vital to ensure patient safety. The accuracy of patient identification and the process surrounding patient identification must be standardized to eliminate patient errors. The standard process reliably identifies the individual as the person intended to receive the treatment/service, and also matches the treatment/service to that individual.

Two patient identifiers, NAME and DATE OF BIRTH, must be used whenever taking blood samples, other specimens for clinical testing, or administering medications or blood products, and before the start of any surgical or invasive procedure. For providers, this includes the use of two patient identifiers whenever there is an initial patient encounter, or when there is communication with other members of the healthcare team about services or procedures.

Kaleida Health's policy titled "Patient Identification" (TX.7) is available in the Policy and Procedure Manual on KaleidaScope.

Kaleida Health Announces Chief Medical Officer Appointments

Physician AppointmentsColin J. McMahon, MD, has been named the vice president and chief medical officer (CMO) at Buffalo General Medical Center (BGMC) and Stephen J. Turkovich, MD, has been named the vice president and chief medical officer at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo (WCHOB).

As reported previously, George Narby, MD, has been named associate chief medical officer for Kaleida Health. Dr. Narby, who served as the interim CMO earlier this year, will continue to serve as the site CMO for Millard Fillmore Suburban and DeGraff Memorial Hospitals. He will assume responsibility and provide leadership for all aspects of quality across the organization. Dr. Narby will work with Maralyn Spittler, interim vice president and chief quality officer, and the quality team on a new strategic plan to improve care across Kaleida Health.

Talent Management

Talent Management logoAll providers now have access to Talent Management, Kaleida Health's learning and performance system designed to strengthen the education, productivity and compliance of all Kaleida Health employees and affiliates.

Talent Management is accessible from outside Kaleida Health's network at, or internally via KaleidaScope.

To log in to Talent Management, use your Kaleida Health network ID and password that you use for other Kaleida Health network applications and email.

Providers may receive automated email notifications from Talent Management regarding assigned educational trainings and when they are due. Required trainings will appear on your To-Do List within Talent Management.

You can also search Talent Management for online or instructor-led training by typing a key word into the catalog search field and clicking on the magnifying glass.

For more information on using Talent Management, please see the Talent Management Quick Reference Guide.

July Medical Staff Updates

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