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Diversity & Inclusion
Corporate Steering Committee

Last updated: 07/16/2009

The Corporate Steering Committee (CSC) is to serve as an advisory body to the Kaleida Health Human Resources Leadership team.


To foster an environment of awareness, acceptance, inclusion and cooperation.


  • Develops and supports initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion throughout Kaleida Health
  • Serves as a communication channel through which Kaleida Health employees will be able to express ideas related to diversity and inclusion
  • Supports the Human Resources Leadership team in fostering an atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, equity and diversity in Kaleida Health

Diversity Council Chairs




Telephone #

Buffalo General

Pam Richardson

HR Assistant

(716) 859-1980

DeGraff Memorial

Maria Cindrich

Sr. Employee Relations Specialist

(716) 690-2012


Simmone Washington

Diversity Coordinator

(716) 859-8582

Millard Gates

Nicole Stenhouse

Sr. Employee Relations Specialist

(716) 887-4036

Millard Suburban

Shawn Patton

Employee Relations Specialist

(716) 568-6643


David Vari

Employee Relations Specialist

(716) 878-7625