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Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo
9th Floor, Tanner Building
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222

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Ambulatory Surgery Center
More Important Guidelines

It is absolutely necessary to adhere to the following diet guidelines. We recommend that no solid food be given on the day of surgery because the procedure may start earlier than scheduled.

The following food and drinks should not be consumed any later than the time indicated:

Clear fluid (non-pulp) 2 hours prior to scheduled surgery
Breast milk 4 hours prior to scheduled surgery
Non-human milk (cow’s milk) 6 hours prior to scheduled surgery
Infant formula 6 hours prior to scheduled surgery
Solid food 8 hours prior to scheduled surgery

Clear liquids include water, sugar water, Pedialyte ®, 7-Up ®, Gatorade ®, pulp-free apple and pulp-free grape juice. Orange juice is not a clear liquid.

Remember! Patients who have not followed the recommendations outlined above are likely to experience postponements or cancellations.

  • Arrive at the hospital at the time you have been told by your doctor’s office.
  • It is important to notify your doctor if your child is sick during the last seven days before surgery.
  • Visitors are limited to two per patient.
  • Plan to spend the day at the hospital. If you have children at home or other responsibilities, please make the necessary arrangements.
  • Follow the diet guidelines exactly.

If you have any questions or concerns, call your surgeon.

Thank you for choosing the Same-Day Surgery Unit at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.