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Women's Health Services

Kaleida Health is proud to make women's health a priority. Each facility offers a variety of services geared specifically towards the unique health care needs of women. Whether it's a newborn, a female in her childbearing years, a woman post menopause seeking cardiac care, or a frail elder at risk for falls you can be confident knowing that Kaleida Health has services, educational resources, and medical professionals available to help meet their needs.

Spirit of Women

A free membership that provides innovative community outreach, exciting public events, and educational seminars in order to advance the health of women in Western New York.

Routine Screening Guides

Keep up to date on the health screenings recommended for your age group.

In case of EmergencyHealth Tips

In Case of Emergency
Heart attacks strike Americans about once every
34 seconds, and most victims aren’t even aware they’re having one until it’s too late. Each year, more than 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke.