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Buffalo Niagara MRI Center

The Buffalo Niagara MRI Center provides the most advanced MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology and services available in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

What is an MRI?

MRI is a painless procedure used to provide highly detailed images of the body. An MRI allows physicians to view the inside of the body without surgery or X-ray radiation.

The MRI scanner works by creating a strong magnetic field and sends radio waves (similar to those of FM radio stations) into the body. The waves are measured by a computer and translated into remarkably clear images.

The use of MRI is often critical to the early detection and accurate diagnosis of a variety of illnesses and injuries, allowing physicians to initiate treatment as soon as possible.

The MRI Scan

Patients should arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled exam to allow time to complete the necessary medical forms. All patients must bring their insurance card and a doctor’s prescription for the scan.

A technologist will meet with the patient to discuss medical history and answer questions. Patients should tell the technologist if they have the following: pacemaker, aneurysm clip, biostimulators, defibrillator, implant(s), history of eye injuries, claustrophobia or if they could be pregnant.

The MRI will last between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the study being performed, and the patient can leave immediately after the procedure.

During the scan, the patient will hear a series of loud knocking sounds, which are part of the imaging process. Earphones are available, and patients can choose to listen to the radio or bring their favorite CD.

Some examinations require the use of a contrast medium, which will be injected by a very small needle into a vein in the arm.  There are microphones in the scanner, which the technologist can use to communicate with the patient during the scan if necessary.

A board-certified radiologist who specializes in MRI will interpret the scan, and a report will be available to the patient's physician within 24 hours.


Valet parking is available for a fee on the circular drive at Buffalo General Medical Center's High Street entrance. (See Facility Map) Parking for a fee is also available at the corner of High and Ellicott streets and the ramp on the corner of Goodrich and Ellicott streets.

Preparing for an MRI

  • Unless otherwise specified, there are no special preparations or dietary restrictions for an MRI.
  • Patients should continue to take prescribed medications and dress comfortably for the scan. Many people bring workout clothes such as sweatshirts and knit pants (without metal part for drawstring) to wear during the scan.
  • Patients will be required to remove certain objects such as jewelry, glasses, and clothing with zippers, snaps or buttons. If clothing contains these items, they must be removed.  A locker will be provided to secure personal items.
  • For those scheduled for an MRI of the head or neck, make up should not be worn.