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Imaging Services

Western New York Radiology Associates (WNYRA) partner with all Kaleida Health Adult Hospitals to offer the best in diagnostic and interpretive imaging services. Kaleida Health Imaging departments provide optimal benefits to patients and physicians through the use of the latest technology. Services available include:

A test that uses sound waves and a computer to produce pictures of internal organs.
Nuclear Medicine
Small tracer amounts of radioactivity are used to evaluate how organs are functioning. The radioactivity is injected, breathed or ingested into the body and nuclear medicine cameras detect the short lived radioactive material to create an image.
Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA)
CTA's 64 slice technology offers many advantages for assessing the cardiovascular system, including the ability to scan the heart within five seconds to provide high quality images of the heart and coronary arteries with remarkable resolution. CTA is available at Buffalo General Hospital and Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.
Multiple high speed X-rays of the body which are used to create two to three dimensional images.
Milliard Fillmore Suburban Hospital a Pink Ribbon FacilityAn X-ray of the breast that uses low dose radiation to produce an image of the inner breast tissue for early detection of breast cancer. Millard Fillmore Suburban is a pink ribbon facility that offers the latest advancement in mammography - 3D digital tomosynthesis. 
Buffalo Niagara MRI Center
The Buffalo Niagara MRI Center provides the most advanced MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology and services available in a comfortable and welcoming environment.
Buffalo Niagara MRI Center website
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
A magnetic field is created to send radio waves into the body so a computer can evaluate the body's response and produce images of the body's internal structures.
A method of creating images of body parts using radiation.
A Dexa scan or bone densitometry is an X-ray exam that uses a very low dose of radiation to measure the mineral content of the bones.