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Buffalo General Medical Center
B Building, 5th Floor
100 High Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

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Rehabilitation Medicine - Acute Medical Rehabilitation
To Be a Patient

It's Your Move: Strategize

Your journey home should be a well-thought-out strategy, one that takes into account your specific needs. Our team can help you create the best plan for your rehabilitation using the latest technology and therapies available.

It’s your move...

How to Start

  1. Tell your doctor about your interest in a Kaleida Health rehabilitation program.
  2. A rehabilitation case manager/screener and physiatrist will be called to evaluate your rehabilitation needs and address the requirements for admission, including insurance. You and your family will be given information about the MRUs at Buffalo General Medical Center and DeGraff Memorial Hospital to determine which facility meets your needs.
  3. Upon acceptance, begin your journey home.

Referral Information For Your Doctor

Buffalo General Medical Center
Admission Coordinator
Telephone: (716) 859-1105
Cell: (716) 859-5166

DeGraff Memorial Hospital
Admission Coordinator
Telephone: (716) 859-4239
Cell: (716) 859-5167