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Rehabilitation Medicine - Acute Medical Rehabilitation
Benefits of Our MRU

Stay Connected to Your Healthcare Team

Kaleida Health is comprised of multiple hospitals and services, and all of the physicians at our facilities are on our one medical staff. By choosing to continue your rehabilitation in a Kaleida Health MRU, you ensure that the team of physicians (neurosurgeons/neurologists/orthopedists) and other healthcare professionals that originally cared for you will be directly connected with the physicians and rehabilitation professionals (physiatrists) who will care for you throughout your rehabilitation stay.

Physicians throughout Kaleida Health have electronic access to all of your test results and laboratory reports. Your status and functional rehabilitation will be monitored from the time you arrive at a Kaleida Health facility until you are discharged from the last contact with a Kaleida Health provider, including our outpatient rehabilitation therapies and our Visiting Nursing Association of WNY, Inc. therapies.

Continuum of Care

Because our facilities are connected, we can provide health services efficiently whenever you require care anywhere within our system. Our healthcare teams communicate regularly across all Kaleida Health facilities to bring you the most successful transition from acute care and rehabilitation to home care and outpatient services.

This convenient system of care means fewer decisions that you have to make about what the next step should be in your rehabilitation, which results in less stress for your entire family so you can focus on your recovery.


Our MRUs have one of the highest success rates for improving the functional independence of patients after stroke. The percentage of stroke patients on Kaleida MRUs is twice that of other regional or national programs, and because of this high level of experience, our MRUs successfully discharge more stroke patients back to their homes than the regional and national averages.

Journey to Home

Every resource you need for your journey to home can be accessed through our rehabilitation program:

  • Acute Hospitalization
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Sub-Acute Rehabilitation
  • Home Care Services through the Visiting Nursing Association of Western New York, Inc.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at multiple convenient locations
  • Driver Rehabilitation Services
  • Stroke Support Groups
  • Ongoing follow-up physician services with physiatry, neurology, neurosurgery and all other medical specialties