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Neuroscience Transfer Resource


Acute Stroke Pre-notification Guidelines

Download Guidelines

Pre arrival notification information:

  • Name, date of birth
  • Last Known Well – actual date and time
  • Cincinnati Pre Hospital Stroke Score (positive 0-3)
  • Stroke symptoms
  • Blood pressure, glucose level
  • Cell phone number for a family member
  • Tell family to listen for phone call.
  • E.T.A.

Additional information which must be provided at triage:

  • History of TIA or Stroke
  • History of recent seizure, surgery, trauma or bleeding
  • Medications, especially blood thinners
  • Download Guideline
  • Height, Weight
  • Allergies

The New York State Department of Health Treatment Protocols and The Western Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee both recommend notifying the receiving hospital as soon as possible of the impending arrival of an acute stroke patient to promote rapid treat of the patient. BGMC/GVI goals for treatment from time of arrival: IV Alteplase = 45 minutes, IA endovascular intervention =90 minutes.

Transferring Hospital

Neuroscience ED Transfer Procedure and Report Stroke

  1. Transferring Hospital

    Transfer Center RN: 859-7173

  2. Transfer Center RN initiates 3 way call with ED Neuroscience Emergency Department Attending & Transferring Physician

  3. Transferring Physician to provide report. Accepting Physician is GVI/ED Attending (Primary Option)

  4. Patient is on their way

  5. Transferring facility RN is to contact the BGMC/GVI ED Charge RN at 748-2601 and provide report

Stroke Inter-facility Transfer Report

Information required when a stroke patient is transferred to BGMC/GVI

Download Communication

  • Reason for Transfer
  • Last Known Well – actual date/time
  • Discovery Time – actual date/time
  • Cincinnati Pre-Hospital Stroke Scale Score (0-3)
  • Symptoms
  • T, P, RR, BP, SpO2, Allergies
  • Glucose Level
  • Family Contact Name
  • Family Cell # (instruct family to listen for call)
  • NIHSS when patient arrived at transferring facility
  • NIHSS when patient leaving transferring facility
  • TPA administered
    If yes, print EMS Post IV Alteplase Inter-Facility Transfer Guidelines and give to EMS transfer team
  • Bolus dose, Time
  • Infusion dose, Time Started, Time Ended
  • Normal Saline Flush, Time Started, Time Ended

EMS Post IV Alteplase Inter-Facility Transfer Guidelines


EMS Post IV Alteplase Inter-Facility Transfer Guidelines