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Adult Insertion & Care of Intraosseous Vascular Device

In order to be authorized to administer the Intraosseous vascular device, you must demonstrate your competency by completing the following steps in order. These steps must be completed annually.

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  4. Take the Post Test


    Adult Insertion & Care of Intraosseous Vascular Device Test

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    1. Optimal flow rates for the EZ-IO can be obtained using gravity drip rates.
    1. A rapid syringe bolus (flush) of the EZ-IO immediately after insertion will ensure optimal flow. “No flush, no flow”
    1. The EZ-IO is indicated for patients needing immediate vascular access and/or need emergent
      additional vascular access.
    1. Which of the statements concerning placement of the EZ-IO are correct?
    1. Grip the driver lightly & avoid excessive force during insertion
    2. Maintain a 90-degree angle to the bone during insertion
    3. Monitor the extremity for signs of complication
    4. Avoid attaching a syringe directly to the EZ-IO® catheter hub
    1. For patients that respond to pain consider: 2% lidocaine without preservatives or epinephrine
      (cardiac lidocaine) - IO prior to initial sterile saline bolus or flush
    1. The 45mm needle is the recommended needle for the proximal humerus on patients weighing greater than 40kg.
    1. In case of emergency, product failure or need for immediate assistance, clinicians should call the emergency number listed on the EZ-IO wristband and removal poster.
    1. The 25mm needle is only for adult patients and the 15mm needle is only for pediatric patients.
    1. You are unable to aspirate blood when confirming placement, you should:
    1. You have inserted the Needle Set into the tissue and cannot see a black line:
  5. Simulation Cadaver

    Please contact one of the following trainers via Kaleida Health email or by calling Kim Snyder at (716) 859-2260.

    Simulation Cadaver Trainers:

    • Jim Hereth
    • Lucy Campbell
    • Manoj Mammen

Upon completing the above steps, including demonstration of IO insertion on the simulator, the trainer will notify the Medical Staff Office:
Katherine Mielcarek
(716) 859-5507
Kaleida Health
1028 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

Annual competency is required. The Medical Staff Office will send you a reminder.