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Adult Insertion & Care of Intraosseous
Vascular Device

In order to be authorized to administer the Intraosseous vascular device, you must demonstrate your competency by completing the following steps in order. These steps must be completed annually.

Step 1 - View Training Video

Step 2 - Read Over Policy

• View Policy (pdf)

Step 3 - Read the Order Form for Training Purposes

• View Order Form (pdf)

Step 4 - Take the Post Test

To begin the EX-10 Intraosseous Infusion System test, complete the following information and click Proceed to Test. Once you complete the test, your results and personal information will be sent as a record of your completion.

First Name
Last Name

Step 5 - Simulation Cadaver

Please contact one of the following trainers via Kaleida Health email or by calling Kim Snyder at (716) 859-2260.

Simulation Cadaver Trainers:
• Jim Hereth
• Lucy Campbell
• Manoj Mammen

Upon completing the above steps, including demonstration of IO insertion on the simulator,
the trainer will notify the Medical Staff Office:
    Katherine Mielcarek
    (716) 859-5507
    Kaleida Health
   1028 Main Street
   Buffalo, NY 14203

Annual competency is required. The Medical Staff Office will send you a reminder.