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2012 HIV Update for Providers

SBAR on HIV Testing Law


The NYS DOH has mandated that hospitals and clinics associated with hospitals must provide education and the opportunity to request HIV testing all inpatients and routine clinic patients at least one time once the system program is in place. Proof of conducting this process must be in the medical record.


The NYS DOH HIV Epidemiology experts have reported that the number of undiagnosed potentially positive residents is growing at a critical rate.


  1. A Kaleida system-wide single form (KH01395) has been created to perform the education, consent or decline the opportunity for HIV testing. Universal signs are available for ED/Clinic and pre-admission testing areas where visitors and patients can also receive the information.
  2. The flow for the process completion will be service/department specific. Please check with the manager for details.
  3. If the patient desires testing, consent form must be signed, LIP (licensed independent practitioner) is to order, staff to enter in Powerchart: HIV 1 and 2 Abs, venipuncture is completed, place label on specimen and send to lab.
  4. In outpatient areas - Confirm the patient’s contact information so we may notify him/her of their test results which will be in letter or telephone form from a designated confidential Kaleida department.


Medical and nursing staff are mandated by the DOH to receive HIV education. A go-live date for your department will be announced by the manager.

If you need assistance during completing this training program, please contact the Kaleida Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 859-7777.

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