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Stories from the point of care…for the love of nursing

Telling our stories about our ‘work as nurses’ can keep us connected to it in extremely satisfying ways. Yes, joy at work is possible with enough nurses of like minds determined that this is what they and their patients deserve. Kaleida nurses deserve this and have the ability with support from managers, educators, recruiters and leadership to grow and sustain a culture of value and respect, “joy”.

All of us have special stories, some of our most memorable experiences; the ones that touch our hearts and souls have involved our practice of nursing. Let’s take the opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of nurses and nursing. Please consider writing a few lines about your most memorable nursing experience and email to

Rebecca’s Story

Nurses caring for their community

Rebecca Schiltz, RN is a 13-year Kaleida Health nurse. She works on 13 North at Buffalo General Hospital. Rebecca recently researched the availability of nursing recruitment “tool kits” geared for school age children. Rebecca had been invited to discuss “nursing” as a career choice with Arcade grammar school students. She is active as an informal nurse educator in the Arcade schools, willing to speak on any topic that impacts the health of “her children.” Although Rebecca is not a school nurse, she sees herself as a “ community nurse participant”, and sees this role as natural for any nurse who cares about her neighbors. Rebecca welcomes any opportunity to share her knowledge with her community and feels nurses have a professional obligation to enhance health both within and outside of their practice setting.

From identifying “nursing toolkits for school age children” to recruiting future nurses, Rebecca’s love of nursing is obvious, as is the impact she feels nurses can and should have on the community in which they reside. Rebecca sees herself and nurses as powerful in determining “future” nurses; she loves being both a professional role model/preceptor at work and representing the profession and “recruiting” after hours via her high profile in her community of Arcade. Rebecca feels that as nurses, “we can change our work environment, our own and our co-worker’s (friend’s) attitudes, improve patient outcomes and ultimately impact on the health of our community.”

The following are some excerpts from Rebecca’s day and some of her thoughts on Nursing and her Community.

School Time at Pioneer... These kids, MY kids, they’re like little sponges. They love the attention and any information I can give them about being a nurse at Buffalo General Medical Center. “Mrs. Schiltz, how many boo-boo’s will you take care of tomorrow? You’ll be able to fix them all, right? Kevin Everett, that football player, did he come to BGH or Gates? You made him all better, right? You must do really cool stuff to make people better? (Yeah, nurses really do incredible, amazing, heart felt things to make people feel better, we just never take the time to sit back and think about it!) Kids, they’re great, aren’t they? Nothing fazes them at all. They have that “just fix ‘em attitude.” Their attitude is great, uplifting, and exciting! I can only hope and pray that “someone,” that special nurse, will be there for them someday to fix all their “boo-boos” too.

My hometown community Arcade... Gosh, I love this area and all the people in it. As a nurse, I want to make an impact on my hometown, I want to “touch” their lives as they have touched mine. I reassure them, ”don’t ever be afraid of big, “scary” BGH, we do great things there, come “play” and find out. They often ask me things like, “Becky, what doctors should I go see? Who’s the best? Who would you go to? How do I get there? Where do I park? Is it safe up there? Can you take care of me? Will you come and hold my hand? WOW, what knowledge a nurse has, what impact a nurse has. A nurse is ALWAYS a nurse: at work, at home, everywhere and every minute of our lives.

Becky’s motto: “Come play in my sandbox. Just don’t throw sand (always be kind) and share your toys!!! (Always share your knowledge) These two rules, share your knowledge and always be kind encompass pretty much everything we need to be an effective caregiver, preceptor/mentor to our patients, co-workers and our community both at home and at work.

According to Rebecca, ”Kaleida Health is made up of a large number of wonderful nurses.” She encourages them to tell their stories, affirming that together we can make a difference.


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