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Nursing at Kaleida Health

Professional Development


Your education at Kaleida Health begins with a competency-based orientation and continues throughout your career with staff development programs addressing clinical practice and professional growth.

Our highly qualified clinical education team ensures that Kaleida Health nurses have access to the information, training, and resources they need to provide the best care for our patients. Educators foster enthusiasm for learning by promoting an educational process that is collaborative, multidisciplinary, research-based, and supported by professional standards.


Comprehensive, competency based nursing orientations are offered on a monthly basis. It is the goal of our highly qualified clinical education team to ensure that all Kaleida Health nurses has access to the information, training and resources they need to provide the best care to our patients. Clinical nurse educators are available on all shifts and foster enthusiasm for learning by promoting an educational process that is collaborative, multidisciplinary, evidence-based and supported by professional standards. Classroom, on-line learning, simulation skills lab, unit based clinical orientation a specially trained preceptor are just a few of the many methods we utilize to educate our new nurses.

Our extensive orientation programs are tailored to the unit you will be working on: Med/Surg, Critical Care, Telemetry, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, amongst others, which enables Kaleida Health to offer endless opportunities to the professional nurse.

Evidence-based online nursing resources

Kaleida Health has licenses to nationally recognized evidence-based online nursing resources such as Mosby’s Nursing Skills, Nursing Reference Center, and CINAHL Nursing Guide which are readily available from any Kaleida PC for use in daily practice.

Continuing Education

Kaleida Health provides opportunities on campus, online, and off site to enhance the development of its nursing staff. Included in continuing education opportunities are the following:

  • Tuition assistance programs
  • Leadership development through Organizational Development Department
  • Leadership Development classes through Daemen College
Dedicated Education Units

Nursing Grand Rounds

Kaleida Health regularly provides "Lunch and Learn" opportunities on current nursing topics offered by subject matter experts. These 40-minute sessions are telecast live from the Buffalo General site to all Kaleida Health sites so that staff can benefit from the information provided without having to travel. Topics are also captured on video tape for viewing at the staff’s convenience through the Kaleida TV link on KaleidaScope, the Kaleida Health intranet.

Mentorship/Preceptor Program

Based on the Vermont Nurses in Practice (VNIP) model, Kaleida Health nurses that meet qualifications, are offered a premier Professional Preceptor Preparation 2-day Workshop. This preceptor preparation course places emphasis on forging close connections between preceptor, intern, manager, and clinical educator. This model provides for regular, frequent feedback, tailoring educational opportunities and training in various areas to the needs of the learner to ease the transition from academia to practice, from one practice area to another. Preceptors have annual updates, and competency requirements to keep current.

A new program of Mentorship is in the Pilot stage at two of the Kaleida Health facilities, under the guidance of a doctorate prepared nurse. To learn more, click & take to Nursing Connections Summer 2008 page 10-11 & Fall 2008 page 4-6)

Certification Review Courses

Kaleida Health offers certification exam review course opportunities on-site for those wanting to develop professionally in a specialty area such as Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN), Medical/Surgical RN (RN-C), Critical Care RN (CCRN), Certified OR RN (CORN) and Certified Neurology RN (CNRN).

The Triumph Nurse Residency Program

Graduate Nurses are the future of Nursing
We want you to continue to develop as a professional, including professional passion along with your clinical competency. Let us support you as you increase your confidence and skill set as you transition through your first year of practice.
• View the The Triumph Nurse Residency Program brochure (PDF)

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