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Nursing at Kaleida Health

Why Choose Nursing at Kaleida Health?

Nurse and patientWhen you join the dynamic team of more than 3,000 Kaleida Health nurses, you become an integral part of a highly skilled, patient-focused group of quality healthcare professionals who represent the best in nursing.

As a Kaleida Health nurse, you will practice evidence-based patient care, work with state-of-the-art equipment/technology and have opportunities to become involved in decision making committees to solve patient care and nursing issues. You will also collaborate with other members of our multi-disciplinary team to provide the highest quality care for our patients.

Personal and professional growth of our nurses, as well as career development and advancement, are priorities of our nursing leadership. We are committed to providing the support needed to create a healthy, progressive work environment where nurses feel valued to practice excellence in patient care and safety.

Committed to Creating a Community at Work

At Kaleida Health, the nursing department with the support from nursing education, leadership and performance improvement teams are transforming the way nurses see nursing. With strategic initiatives that address ideal nurse/patient ratios and support for leadership development, we are growing a culture of retention at all levels creating an environment where caring is what our nurses do best.
Kaleida Health nurse preceptors are trained utilizing the core curriculum from the Vermont Nurses Association, gold standard for nurse preceptor program in the country. In addition to comprehensive Medical-Surgical orientation, we offer specialty programs in Critical Care, ED, Obstetrics, leadership and more. Our curriculums prepare nurses for clinical excellence in bedside nursing and nursing management.

Don’t just use your nursing degree to get a job. Join a healthcare system that can offer you the professional opportunities you are looking for and have the nursing career you’ve always wanted. You can have it all at Kaleida Health, including great benefits and the ability to work in world class healthcare facilities.

Joy at Work

To quote an Indian proverb which is as follows: “I slept and dreamt that life was joy, and then I awoke to find that life was duty; and then I went to work and found that duty can be joy.” Visionary thoughts? Can life and work and the nursing shortage really be as uncomplicated as that? There’s a best seller out currently that is called “The Secret,” which boiled down says, that we have control over our life, work and happiness. Revolutionary or visionary thoughts?

Is it possible to find “joy at work”? Can finding “joy at work” transform nursing care, attract enough new people into the profession and create value and respect for nurses at the bedside? Is having enough nurses at the bedside a way of creating joy? Joy at work might be the opportunity for meaningful work that engages the intellect as well as the heart. At Kaleida Health, the nursing department with the support from nursing education, leadership, the nurse recruiters and performance improvement teams, is looking to transform the way nurses see nursing.

With strategic initiatives that address ideal nurse/patient ratios and plans to support leadership development and grow a culture of retention at all levels, we hope to create an environment where caring is simply what our nurses do best. Joy at work is possible although it does involve a leap of faith, bridging the chasm between what we know is possible and creating this reality for ourselves and our patients - visionary.

Stories from the point of care… for the love of nursing

Telling our stories about our ‘work as nurses’ can keep us connected to it in extremely satisfying ways. Yes, joy at work is possible with enough nurses of like minds determined that this is what they and their patients deserve. Kaleida nurses deserve this and have the ability with support from managers, educators, recruiters and leadership to grow and sustain a culture of value and respect, “joy”.

All of us have special stories, some of our most memorable experiences; the ones that touch our hearts and souls have involved our practice of nursing. Let’s take the opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of nurses and nursing. Please consider writing a few lines about your most memorable nursing experience and email to

The following are stories from and about nurses and patients at Kaleida Health. They are the best of “who” nursing at Kaleida Health is. We hope in reading about us, you will decide this is, “the kind of company you want to keep.” Consider becoming an “Everyday Hero” at Kaleida.