Associate Number Request Form

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Use the Associate Number Request Form ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT A KALEIDA-PAID EMPLOYEE.  When you submit the request form, you will be added to our database and assigned a Kaleida "Associate" number, which can be utilized with Kaleida applications such as Kaleida's Talent Management System and other applications.
Associate Number Search
If you think you have already been given an Associate number, but do not remember what it is, enter all of the information below and click the Search button to find your Associate number. Be sure to enter the same information as you did when you originally submitted your request for an Associate number.
Last Name : SSN (last 3 digits) :  
Date Of Birth :
(Month / Year)
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Questions?  Contact the Kaleida IS&T Technical Assistance Center at Phone Number: 859-7777
Click HERE to fill out the Associate Number Request form.
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