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Medical Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description Abbreviation Description
5x/day5 times a dayPC breakfastAfter breakfast
6x/day6 times a dayPC breakfast/dinnerAfter breakfast and dinner
ACBefore mealsPC breakfast/lunchAfter breakfast and lunch
AC HSBefore meals and at bedtimePC dinnerAfter dinner
AC breakfastBefore breakfastPC lunchAfter lunch
AC breakfast/dinnerBefore breakfast and dinnerPC lunch/dinnerAfter lunch and dinner
AC breakfast/lunchBefore breakfast and lunchQIDFour times a day
AC dinnerBefore dinnerTIDThree times a day
AC lunchBefore lunchTID ACThree times a day before meals
AC lunch/dinnerBefore lunch and dinnerTID HSThree times a day and at bedtime
BIDTwice a dayTID PCThree times a day after meals
BID ACTwice a day before mealsTID w/mealsThree times a day with meals
BID HSTwice a day and at bedtimeTodayToday
BID PCTwice a day after mealsUD As directed
BID w/mealsTwice a day with mealsBefore dischargeBefore discharge
DailyEvery dayp each loose BMAfter each loose bowel movement
Daily ACEvery day before mealsq10minEvery 10 minutes
Every other dayEvery other dayq12hEvery 12 hours
Every other eveningEvery other eveningq15minEvery 15 minutes
On callOn callq1hEvery hour
OnceOnceq1minEvery minute
PCAfter mealsq20minEvery 20 minutes
PC HSAfter meals and at bedtimeq24hEvery 24 hours
q2hEvery 2 hoursq3weekEvery 3 weeks
q2minEvery 2 minutesq4weekEvery 4 weeks
q30minEvery 30 minutesq6weekEvery 6 weeks
q36hrEvery 36 hoursq2monthEvery 2 months
q3dayEvery 3 daysq3monthEvery 3 months
q3hEvery 3 hoursq4monthEvery 4 months
q3minEvery 3 minutesq6monthEvery 6 months
q48hEvery 48 hoursqAMOnce a day in the morning
q4hEvery 4 hoursqPMOnce a day in the evening
q5minEvery 5 minutesqAM HSEvery morning and at bedtime
q6hEvery 6 hoursqAM PMEvery morning and evening
q6minEvery 6 minutesqHSOnce a day at bedtime
q72hEvery 72 hoursqmonthEvery month
q4dayEvery 4 daysqweekEvery week
q5dayEvery 5 daysqyearEvery year
q7dayEvery 7 daysqShiftEvery shift
q10dayEvery 10 daysw/breakfastWith breakfast
q14dayEvery 14 daysw/breakfast/dinnerWith breakfast and dinner
q21dayEvery 21 daysw/breakfast/lunchWith breakfast and lunch
q28dayEvery 28daysw/dinnerWith dinner
q7minEvery 7 minutesw/lunchWith lunch
q8hEvery 8 hoursw/lunch/dinnerWith lunch and dinner
q8minEvery 8 minutesw/mealsWith meals
q96hrsEvery 4 daysw/meals HSWith meals and at bedtime
q2weekEvery 2 weeksx1One time