July 2017

Below are the July Medical Staff Updates. As a reminder, all providers must complete the attestation at the bottom of this page by July 31.

Message from the President of the Medical/Dental Staff

Peter Winkelstein, MD, MS, MBA, FAAPI was talking to a friend recently about her daughter, who has been battling addiction for almost 10 years. My friend told me that her daughter has lost 19 friends to overdoses in the past two years. Nineteen! That is 19 young people, 19 sons and daughters, whose lives have been cut short by a disease that is targeting them across all parts of our society and all parts of our country.

I am very glad that New York State has recognized this crisis and is providing funds to combat it. Kaleida Health, University at Buffalo and ECMC are working hard to find ways to address the problem. It will require coordination among all of Western New York’s healthcare entities, and it will require continued funding.

Unfortunately, it appears we cannot look to the federal government for help. The proposed Senate version of the House’s healthcare bill devastates Medicaid. Among many other things, Medicaid pays for anywhere from 35% to 50% of addiction services (https://nyti.ms/2sY4229). Cuts in this kind of funding will hurt our most vulnerable citizens and neighbors.

I have asked you in the past, and I ask you again, to join me in fighting for our patients. We must be sure they have access to the care they need and the insurance to pay for that care. Please help by calling your senators and your professional societies. Please help save the lives of our children.

Peter Winkelstein, MD, MS, MBA, FAAP
Medical/Dental Staff President
Kaleida Health

Quality – Mock Accreditation Survey Results

At the end of May, Kaleida Health’s ISO Internal Audit Team conducted a two-week Mock Accreditation Survey. Below is a summary of the major areas in which the team identified non-conformities:

April 2017 YTD Financial Update

Oishei Children’s Hospital Move Update


Unsigned Admissions Orders

Problem and Diagnosis List

Physician Gainsharing Program

At the end of 2016, the Gainsharing Redesign Steering Committee initiated changes to enhance the program, including:

For any questions, please contact Brian Meade at 716-859-7262 or bmeade@kaleidahealth.org.

Paper Prescriptions During an EMR or ePrescribe Downtime

New York State law is such that it is illegal for a pharmacist to fill a script if the name of the provider is not imprinted. Kaleida Health recommends that all providers either retain a small supply of personal prescriptions with one’s name imprinted or purchase a stamper to have readily available in the event of an ePrescribe or EMR downtime.

Leading with CARE Through Empathy 2017

As a reminder, providers are strongly encouraged to participate in this year’s Leading with CARE Through Empathy class. The class is a 30-minute, web-based course available on Talent Management until Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

Cardiology Services Restructures Across Kaleida Health

Kaleida Health recently restructured its Cardiology Services to better serve its patients, provide more standardized care across the organization, improve outcomes, and focus on improved, streamlined services.

Vijay Iyer, MD, PhD, was named medical director of cardiology for Kaleida Health. Dr. Iyer previously served as medical director of cardiology services at Buffalo General Medical Center/Gates Vascular Institute (BGMC/GVI). In his new role, he will be responsible for oversight of cardiology across Kaleida Health, ensuring standardization of practices throughout the system.

Susan Graham, MD, will serve as director of clinical cardiology at BGMC/GVI. Dr. Graham most recently held the role of medical director of cardiac clinical coordination. She will now oversee clinical cardiology services at BGMC/GVI and develop processes, quality and patient care programs.

At BGMC/GVI, Stanley Fernandez, MD, PhD, was named director of noninvasive testing, which encompasses ECG, stress tests, echocardiogram, TEE, nuclear stress and CTAC. Donald Switzer, MD, will continue in his role as director of electrophysiology lab testing, and Kishor Phadke, MD, will also continue to serve as director of cardiac catheterization lab testing at BGMC/GVI.

At Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, Michael Banas, MD, was named director of noninvasive testing, and Michael D’Angelo, MD, will serve as director of clinical cardiology.

Christopher Mallavarapu, MD, continues as director of cardiac catheterization lab testing at Olean General Hospital.

Save the Date: Gates Vascular Institute Symposium

Online registration for the Gates Vascular Institute Symposium: Updates in Cardiac, Vascular & Neuroendovascular Medicine will open on August 1, 2017.
Gates Vascular Institute Symposium logo

This year's event will take place on Friday, October 13, 2017 and Saturday, October 14, 2017. Please note the new location:

The Grapevine Banquets
333 Dick Road
Depew, NY 14043

Visit the Gates Vascular Institute Symposium website for additional details.

Clinical Research: Physician to Study Why Some With HIV Don’t Progress to AIDS

A small percentage of the world’s population ­— about 1 percent — can be infected with the HIV virus but not progress to AIDS, and researchers do not know why.

Called “long-term nonprogressors,” these people have been studied extensively, but the specific mechanism of their survival remains a secret.

A UB faculty member and researcher has been awarded a five-year, $1.9 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to look into that mystery.

“People have been studying this population, but there has not been a definitive explanation of why they do well without therapy,” says Mark D. Hicar, research assistant professor of pediatrics in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and the grant’s principal investigator.

HIV and AIDS research has fallen from the headlines in America, in part because new medicines have helped turn AIDS into a chronic disease that can be managed. But those drugs are expensive and widely available only in the developed world. Across the globe, AIDS is still on ongoing issue, with 40-50 million active infections.

So it remains a global threat.
Hicar, also a pediatric infectious disease physician at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, is continuing work he started during his fellowship. He is looking into a group of 100 antibodies culled from a group of long-term nonprogressors. From this collection, he has discovered previous uncharacterized targets for antibodies on the gp41 section of the envelope protein on the surface of the virus.

Hicar discovered that, compared to those that progress to AIDS, other populations of long-term nonprogressors are also enriched for antibodies that target these specific sites. It’s possible that antibodies similar to those in his collection are key to how someone becomes a long-term nonprogressor.

Most antibodies help to shuttle viruses and bacteria to other immune cells that gobble them up. The antibodies in Hicar’s collection don’t seem to function in the normal manner of antibodies that neutralize virus. “It isn’t clear precisely how they work,” he says, but finding how they function is another aim of the study.

Hicar is an MD and has a PhD in immunology. As a student, he was interested in the DNA structure of how antibodies are built, and wanted to study the targets of antibodies in infectious diseases.

With the grant, he will study three groups of people with the HIV virus: long-term nonprogressors, regular progressors and people who have recovered while taking medication to discern if targeting these sites truly correlates with long term non-progression.

If Hicar has identified the mechanism that allows people to live with HIV without medication, it could lead to new medicines for people with the virus or even a vaccine. Article written by Grove Potter, UBNow. Published May 8, 2017.

New Providers

Please welcome the following new appointments to Kaleida Health:


Clinical Service

Category or Coll/Super

Aronica, Lynn-Marie, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology


Bevilacqua, Thomas, MD



Billitttier, Allyssa R., PA

Emergency Medicine

APP – Sucharita Paul, MD

Chadha, Kunal, MD

Pediatrics/Emergency Medicine


Cole, Adam J., MD



Dawli, Tamara B., MD

Surgery/Plastic Surgery


Eckl, Jenna E., ANP

Orthopaedic Surgery

APP – Thomas Lombardo, MD

Eimer, Molly C., ANP

Internal Medicine/Geriatrics

APP – Kenneth Garbarino, MD

Fenire, Mahmoud, MD

Internal Medicine/Hospitalist


Keller, Craig E., MD

Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology


Lesh, Kevin C., MD

Family Medicine


McCloud, Aron K., DO



McLaughlin, Maggie J. FNP

Internal Medicine/Cardiology

APP – Ashish Bhatia, MD

Patel, Arpit A., DO



Plouffe, Giovanna, ANP, DNP

Internal Medicine/Hospitalist

APP – Angel Mier Hicks, MD

Rajeswary, Jyotsna, MD

Internal Medicine


Renda, Julie E., DO

Internal Medicine


Ricchiazzi, Tina, FNP

Internal Medicine

APP – Vijay Iyer, MD

Whittier, Severine M., CRNA


APP – George Toufexis, MD

Zahra, Mahmoud, MD



Policy Updates for Providers

Below is a revised policy that affects providers at Kaleida Health. Please take a moment to review this month's updates. The policy link below is accessible from a Kaleida Health computer only. For additional assistance, please contact Amy Palombo at apalombo@kaleidahealth.org or 716-859-8447.

Revised Policies:

TX.62 - “Hand-Off” Communication in Patient CareDocumentation was updated throughout and statement E added to procedure

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