January 2015

Below are the January Medical Staff Updates. As a reminder, all providers must complete the attestation at the bottom of this page by January 31.

CMO Message

Chief Medical OfficersIt is truly amazing how fast a year can go by and how many changes can take place in that year. At Kaleida Health, 2014 was all about change.

With a new philosophy under the direction Jody Lomeo, Kaleida Health's president and CEO, and David Hughes, MD, MPH, corporate chief medical officer (CMO), patient care steers the organization's finances rather than finances steering patient care. The new philosophy has physicians holding prominent roles in leading the organization. Partnering with nursing, physicians help lead the direction of health care delivered at Kaleida Health.

With the reestablishment of site CMOs, physician leaders are now involved in the daily operations of each facility. More importantly, bedside physician leaders now have a responsibility for establishing the organization's new path.

For 2015, Kaleida Health's future looks bright with the help of our engaged physician partners. Kaleida Health's financial future is promising, the new John R. Oishei Children's Hospital is secure, and physician engagement has never been higher. The turnaround has been so impressive that the Advisory Group, a national consulting firm, will perform a case study about how the changes in leadership and philosophy energized and stabilized our healthcare organization.

This year has amazing potential as we continue the rebuilding process across Kaleida Health. Working with our partners in nursing and ancillary care services, we are going to focus on getting all of our metrics into the top percentile. Kaleida Health is the regional leader in health care, and we are very proud to represent the medical staff moving forward.

As we start this new year, it is important for us to look back and be thankful. We are proud to be part of Kaleida Health's medical staff and appreciate the opportunity to represent all of Kaleida Health's providers. Best wishes to you and your family for a safe and happy New Year.

Colin McMahon, MD
Buffalo General Medical Center
David Pierce, MD, FACEP
Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital and DeGraff Memorial Hospital
Stephen Turkovich, MD
Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo

Update Your Information

Have a new office address or cell number? No longer use a pager? Are you sure the Kaleida Health Medical Staff Office has your most up-to-date information?

If any of your contact information has changed since you last renewed your medical staff privileges, please send your updates to Patty Vorpahl, vice president for Physician Services and Medical Staff Office at pvorpahl@kaleidahealth.org.

If you are unsure if your information on file is correct, you can view your biographical data using the Practitioner Search on KaleidaScope or by calling the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at 859-7777.

Improved Search Options

Improved Search OptionsAfter a suggestion to make locating contact information for people, providers, departments and specific nursing floors easier and more user-friendly, the IS&T team made changes to improve the search options on KaleidaScope.

While the Advanced People Search helps users find individuals who work in a specific department, the Department Search allows users to search for the main phone number of the departments at each facility. The Department Search option, which has always been available on KaleidaScope, is now in a more prominent and accessible section of the People tab. In addition, a "Nursing Floors ONLY" option was added to look up the main number for nursing units at each facility.

In the Other People Search Options section, Practitioner Search and OnCall Search were also added under a "Quick Links" heading for easier access to these search functions. If you have questions or require assistance, please contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at 859-7777.

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