Maternity Pre-Admission Registration Form

In an effort to help make your maternity experience as easy and efficient as possible, we have provided this pre-admission registration form which may be submitted electronically at the mid-point of your pregnancy (at about 20 weeks). Pre-registering will ensure a faster, more streamlined admission process for you and your baby.

To ensure proper billing for your upcoming visit, please fill in all information below. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Department at (716) 323-2230.

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The hospital accepts and bills most insurance companies as a courtesy to patients. Your insurer is under contract with you and/or your employer. If your insurance carrier does not make payment, the bill may ultimately be your responsibility. Please be aware that most insurance companies require prior authorization before an elective or urgent admission. Note: If your insurance company requires you to pay a co-payment for your Maternity Admit, please be prepared to make this payment prior to your discharge.

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