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Hunter’s Hope Foundation Brings Newborn Screening Awareness to WCHOB Through Donation of Burp Cloths

Updated: 8/15/2014

The Western New York community will once again come together in support of the Hunter’s Hope Foundation during the annual Every Step Walk for Universal Newborn Screening. In anticipation of the Walk, event sponsors Credit Unions of WNY, Basil Family Dealerships, and CUC Mortgage have donated special burp cloths, imprinted with the ‘Every Step’ logo, to area hospitals. Five hundred of the cloths were donated to Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo for distribution to all newborn babies throughout the months of August and September.

The Every Step Walk is a fun-filled family event that will take place on September 27 at Como Park in Lancaster, NY. Since its inception six years ago, the Walk has generated over $500,000 for Hunter’s Hope. This money has been used to help newborn infants in a number of ways, including the founding of the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute and advocacy for universal newborn screening.

Universal screening is a state-based public health system that is essential for preventing the devastating consequences of a number of medical conditions not clinically recognizable at birth.  The Hunter’s Hope Foundation advocates for all children to be screened for all possible diseases where early diagnosis can make a positive impact on the life of the child.

“We are very lucky to have such a wonderful hospital here in WNY like Women & Children’s Hospital,” Event Chair, Connie Scherrer, explains. “The dedication and commitment the nurses and doctors show towards their patients is at the highest level.”

Scherrer continues, “We are also very lucky that every child born in WNY is tested for all diseases, including Krabbe Disease and other Leukodystrophies, which can be treated if appropriate care is administered before irreversible damage occurs.  There are over 60 diseases now that are tested here in our own community.  What a very remarkable gift every child has to begin their beautiful life.” 

To learn more about the Every Step Walk for Universal Newborn Screening, including ways to participate, visit the Hunter's Hope Foundation website.