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"James the Ice Creamcycle Dude" Delivers Summer Fun to WCHOB

Updated: 8/14/2014
8-year-old Nahlia Codjovi enjoys a cool treat, making her visit to the infusion suite at Women & Children’s Hospital a little bit sweeter.

Tasty summer fun was delivered to Women & Children’s Hospital on August 13 when local business Ice Creamcycle, backed by generous Western New Yorkers, sent two of its special ice cream-delivering bicycles to deliver free ice cream to excited patients.

Ice Creamcycle owner James Kargiannias, known as “James the Ice Creamcycle Dude,” has been bringing his bicycles to every corner of Buffalo. Recently, he received an email from a local activist who offered a donation so that James could pedal around giving away free ice cream.

“My first thought was Children's Hospital,” said James in his online fundraising page. “Not only are hospitals scary, but being in one on summer vacation is the pits!”

Jumping on the opportunity, James quickly put together an online fundraising campaign. Western New Yorkers did not disappoint him, donating over $400 so that James’ idea could become an enormously successful reality. Over 500 ice cream products were given out to children, families, friends, and staff.

Moved by the excitement of the children, James is excited about the possibility of returning to WCHOB. “My dream would be to make this a yearly event,” he said. “One that I'm personally able to fund as this small business grows.”

This heartwarming collaboration between a socially-conscious small business, community activists, and everyday citizens reminds us how lucky we are to be in what is truly the City of Good Neighbors.

Check out James the Icreamcycle Dude’s website and Facebook page to learn more.

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