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Luminosa Winterguard Give Away Teddy Bears at Women & Children’s Hospital

Updated: 8/1/2014

On July 17, local winter guard ensemble, Luminosa Winterguard, distributed more than 100 teddy bears to patients at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. Four members of the Guard visited children in their rooms to hand deliver the bears, many of which had handwritten cards attached to them. The event concluded with the generous donation of a check for $1200.

Winter guard is an indoor color guard event that combines flags, sabers, mock rifles, and other equipment with dance and interpretive movement. Luminosa has found success in its highest competitive level, winning the 2013 World Championship in the Winter Guard International (WGI) Independent A Class, hosted in Dayton, Ohio. They begin competing in the Independent Open class this year.

Central to Luminosa’s winning philosophy is a commitment to helping their community. Throughout the past year, members sold teddy bears with the intent that customers donate them back to the organization. The teddy bears and monetary donation presented to Women & Children’s Hospital are the results of these fundraising drives. As they traveled and competed, members were moved at how communities from Dayton to Syracuse supported their chosen cause.

With the spirits of over 100 children raised, it is clear that Luminosa Winterguard lives out their motto: To be as good off the floor as they are on it.

Thank you, Luminosa!