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Survivor Steps at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital

Updated: 6/6/2014

Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital (MFSH) is leading the way in promoting cancer survivorship by offering specialized cancer rehabilitation services and support to its patients following treatment.

A new service called “Survivor Steps” is now available at MFSH for those battling cancer from the diagnosis stage through remission. The supportive rehabilitation and recovery program will initially offer assistance to those diagnosed with breast cancer and then expand to include other cancer diagnoses.

“With the increase of oncological care being provided here at MFSH, we needed something that would give our patients access to the services necessary to recover completely,” said Chris Lane, president of MFSH.

To receive its certification, the hospital implemented the STAR Program®, a nationally recognized cancer survivorship program that focuses on helping survivors to heal physically and emotionally as well as possible.

STAR Program® certification uniquely qualifies MFSH to offer premium cancer rehabilitation and survivorship services to people who suffer from the debilitating side effects caused by treatments.

Some of the common treatable symptoms include fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, joint stiffness, limb swelling (lymphedema), weakness, memory problems, balance, anxiety, depression, and issues with talking or swallowing.

Specialty caregivers from a variety of disciplines – including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nutritionist and others – will work together with each patient on a personalized rehabilitation plan to increase strength and energy, alleviate pain, and improve daily function and quality of life.

The clinical team providing services earned nationally recognized certification in survivorship care from the Massachusetts-based Oncology Rehab Partners, leading experts in the field of survivorship care.

“In recent years, we have invested in nationally distinguished breast cancer detection technology, recruited top rated surgeons and expanded our operating rooms to improve care for patients. Now, Survivor Steps allows us to appropriately and compassionately address the physical and emotional challenges that accompany survivorship,” Lane added. 

The hospital will also offer a supportive pre-surgical class for those with a cancer diagnosis to prepare them for surgery, recovery and survivorship.  If rehabilitation is necessary after treatment, patients will be able to receive outpatient services by STAR Program® certified therapists at Flint Road or DeGraff Memorial Hospital.

The healthcare services offered are covered by most insurance providers, including Medicare.

For more information about Survivor Steps, call Donna Gefaller, program coordinator, at (716) 568-3511.