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Celebrating Child Life Month

Updated: 4/4/2014
Child Life Specialist Dena Sterns helping a patient perform a teddy bear operation.

Child Life Specialists, who provide support, facilitate coping, minimize emotional trauma and encourage normal growth for infants, children, and adolescents at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, are being recognized during National Child Life Month in March.
Child Life focuses on the importance of play and its benefits for patients.  Therapeutic play provides a non-threatening experience for children to express feelings and gain control of situations despite what can be stressful surroundings.

To see more photos of Child Life events and specialists, go online here (and "like" us while you're there!):


Goals of the Child Life services include encouraging expression of feelings, easing children’s fears, supporting patients and families as well as helping children maintain their self-esteem, independence and control in a way that bridges the gap between home and hospital.
Child Life specialists provide many interactive services for our pediatric patients, including dog therapy, holiday and birthday celebrations, therapeutic or medical play and education, pre-hospitalization tours, special guests and much more.