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Women & Children’s Hospital Closings on Tuesday, Jan. 7 Due to Weather

Updated: 1/6/2014

Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo has closed the following on Tuesday, January 7 due to weather conditions:

- Child Primary Care Clinics 

- Towne Gardens Center: http://www.kaleidahealth.org/Childrens/services/display.asp?pt=G&p=1429&s=301

- Hodge Pediatrics: http://www.kaleidahealth.org/Childrens/services/display.asp?pt=G&p=1429&s=301 

- Child Specialty Clinics: http://www.kaleidahealth.org/Childrens/services/

- Child Psychiatry: http://www.kaleidahealth.org/Childrens/services/display.asp?s=238 

- Perinatal Center: http://www.kaleidahealth.org/Childrens/services/display.asp?s=281

- Family Planning

- OB/GYN Centers: http://www.buffalobaby.org/obgyncenters/index.asp