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At Your Request Room Service Rolled Out at DeGraff Memorial Hospital

Updated: 4/17/2013
pictured L to R: Kathy Eisenhauer, cook’s assistant, Jim Lang, Food Services manager, Patrick Andres, cook

At Your Request Room Service is an innovative concept in providing meal services to patients in hospitals. Traditionally, patients have had to plan their meals at least 24 hours or more in advance. With At Your Request Room Service, a patient can order a meal when he/she feels like eating, and the meal will arrive within 45 minutes.

Peter Murphy, Sodexo director for Food Services at DeGraff Memorial Hospital expressed great pride in adding this service. “We are delighted to better meet the personal nutritional needs of our patients with the implementation of this customer satisfaction program. There is great value in providing a service that conforms to the patient’s needs and timeframe instead of them having to fit our schedule.”

At Your Request menus are provided at the patient’s bedside giving them opportunity to select preferred menu items. All menu selections, including breakfast items, are available throughout the day from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. 

“Even patients on full liquid diets will have the option of ordering from the room service menu,” explained Gretchen Bergdolt, nutritionist at DeGraff Memorial Hospital. “In order for Nutrition Services to take a patient’s meal request, a current diet order must be recorded in the chart. Menu choices for each patient are based on current diet orders.”

The nursing staff will work closely with the nutritionist and patients to assure medications are given at appropriate times when underlying conditions call for it.

The plan includes the option for meals to be ordered up to 48 hours in advance. Family members can also call in meal selections from home. For non-English speaking patients, hospitality associates will use the Kaleida Health interpreter service to obtain meal selections.

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