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Execs Hit the Road

Released: 1/25/2011

Kaleida Health senior executives have their bags packed, and they are hitting the road.† Following a trail blazed by Jim Kaskieís employee forum tour, executives will be visiting site manager forums throughout the coming months.

The forums are a part of Jimís promise to improve interactive communication by creating venues for leadership to interact with managers in a more informal setting.† They also afford management the opportunity to be apprised of up-to-date system happenings and to ask questions of and present concerns to senior leadership.

Upcoming scheduled stops along the manager forum tour include: Gates SNF, DeGraff SNF, Deaconess, VNA, WCHOB, MFS, DMH, Behavioral Health, and Hertel Elmwood.† Visits to all Kaleida Health facilities are in the works.