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Jim Kaskie’s Road Trip Makes a Stop at SBHC

Updated: 1/20/2011
“Overall, when we think about School Based Health Clinics and Kaleida and our reach in the community, we touch a lot of lives.”
The Doris Young Auditorium at Deaconess was abuzz with excited chatter Wednesday, October 6, 2010.  Approximately 110 staff from school nursing, school clinics, Community Health, Deaconess family planning, and Early Childhood Direction Center eagerly awaited Jim Kaskie’s arrival. 

At 2:30 p.m. Jim arrived, and after greeting the crowd, he joked, “As I was walking down the hall, I thought I was heading to a pep rally – there was so much laughter and talking!” The crowd chuckled, and then settled down to listen to what Jim had to say at the town hall meeting with the school based health clinic staff.

Jim started out by reminding everyone of Kaleida’s mission: to improve health in our community. He recognized that many of the SBHC staff are probably the sole access to health care for some children, and that staff often become advocates for the rest of their patients’ needs.  “I understand how important it is to have a line of health care right in the school,” Jim said, and he listed better education, prevention, and awareness as touch points.  

Jim then went on a short journey around the Kaleida system, giving an update of each site:
  • The Global Heart and Vascular Institute construction is well under way.
  • The top floors of the GHVI are dedicated University at Buffalo research space.
  • Efforts are being made to ensure a smooth merger with both BGH and Gates’ physicians and staff.
  • WCHOB recently announced plans to build an ambulatory surgery center on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC). 
  • A new long-term care facility, which will be home to residents of Deaconess and Gates’ long term care, is being constructed on the BNMC.  The facility will be residential and will promote a higher quality of life for its residents.
  • MFS virtually doubled its capacity with the addition of 10 state-of-the-art operating rooms and a larger emergency department.
  • DeGraff Memorial is focused on creating a geriatric center of excellence.
  • Electronic medical records use continues to grow throughout the system.  This transformation will improve the quality and safety of our patients. 
  • On average, there are over 30,000 visits to SBHC each year. 
At the conclusion of the site “tour,” Jim expressed that this is a very exciting time as Kaleida continues to evolve.  He commented, “This time is full of challenges, but we have wonderful team members, including all you ambassadors out in the community.  On behalf of the kids, community, and organization, thank you.”