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What’s on your mind?

Updated: 9/24/2010

More ways to be heard

Now you have two ways to provide feedback, offer ideas and have your questions answered.

Over 50 employee engagement suggestion boxes have been installed throughout Kaleida Health facilities—at your request. These boxes contain cards for you to ask questions of and make comments to corporate and site leadership. Cards will be reviewed weekly, every signed question will be answered, and all important information will be shared with the workforce.

To complement the newly installed suggestion boxes, our electronic suggestion box, Kaleida Connection, has been renamed Engage. It will be prominently displayed on KaleidaScope’s home page and like the boxes, every signed submission will be answered.

During his September 24 simulcast, Jim Kaskie restated his commitment to open, honest, two-way communication with all employees. He and the entire leadership team will continue to keep you informed and address the topics that are important to you.

Your co-workers recommended the installation of suggestion boxes and their voice was heard!  Your questions are invited.

Suggestion Box Locations                   

E-Wing Entrance-1st floor near corporate offices
Rotunda near B-Elevators
ED-near patient elevators in A-building
7th floor near A-Elevators

Tremont Entrance-1sr floor near Cashier
Employee entrance-west Parking Lot near Cafeteria
SNF-1st floor

A-Elevator -1st floor
Off lobby next to Tim Hortons-1st floor
Outside Nursing Office
SNF-Employee Break Room

Main Lobby
Cafeteria-1st floor
Cashier Office-1st floor
Security Desk-1st floor

Vending/Lunch Room

1st Floor Lobby

Outside cafeteria
Inside Rehab’s cafeteria

Near 1st floor elevator

Near  the front and rear elevators on the 2nd & 3rd  Floors

18 Ambulatory (clinics) sites