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VNA Becomes the First Home Care Organization Ever to be Independently ISO 9001 Certified

Updated: 8/9/2022

I am very pleased to announce that the Visiting Nursing Association of Western New York has successfully completed our ISO certification! On Monday, July 25, 2022, we learned that the DNV had certified the VNA in Quality Management System (QMS) standard ISO 9001:2015.

That makes VNA the first home care organization ever to be independently ISO 9001 certified!

To say that I am proud of each and every VNA employee for their role in achieving this historic milestone would be a vast understatement. I cannot thank you enough for persevering through the many rounds of inspections, questioning, planning and corrective measures we have undertaken over the past year-and-a-half in order to accomplish this estimable goal. Achieving that goal would not have been possible without the passion and commitment you demonstrate to our patients day in and day out. This is an honor you have earned, and you are justified in congratulating yourself for having achieved it!

ISO is a linguistically neutral acronym for International Organization for Standardization. ISO 9001 is a standard that helps staff create clear and consistent processes of patient care, and ensure that progress is constantly being made toward specific quality objectives. Externally, it tells the public, as well as insurers and regulatory agencies, that not only is the VNA talking about quality, we are actively pursuing it with discipline and transparency.

The survey process included a review of our QMS by DNV Healthcare surveyors, which consisted of asking questions, talking with employees and leadership, and reviewing our work processes. There was also an extensive review of our physical environment, including the pharmacy and warehouse. The types of process reviewed included everything from after-hours coverage, to emergency preparedness, to product storage and equipment maintenance. They looked specifically at areas where we had active process improvement plans, and had a chance to observe and speak with staff about these initiatives as well.

Our QMS includes processes that support our clinical functions and that means every part of the VNA’s business, not just clinical care. The surveyors were extremely impressed by all of the great work that the VNA does and noted that everyone they spoke with clearly understood the importance of their role in the organization and the work that we do. They were very complimentary of the engagement and commitment of our staff and the pride that people take in their jobs.

The ISO survey process is designed to have an outside, standard-setting national organization recognize our efforts in improving quality, the patient experience and our overall operations. We will continue to have annual surveys by DNV Healthcare as part of our commitment to ISO QMS standards. 

DNV Healthcare is an independent expert in quality assurance and risk management, and provides both accreditation and certification for many organizations in different industries globally. This organization surveys our facilities for compliance with Medicare conditions of participation as well as adherence to ISO QMS standards.

Once again, thank you and congratulations to the whole team for this groundbreaking achievement, and for all that you do for the VNA and our patients every day.

Lisa C. Greisler
Visiting Nursing Association of WNY/VNA Home Care Services