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Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Released: 4/18/2022 6:00:00 AM

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Testicular cancer is the leading cause of cancer in men ages 15-44 with the average age of detection being 33 years old. The American Cancer Society estimates that 8,430 new cases are diagnosed each year. Testicular cancer is considered highly treatable, especially if caught early, and monthly self-exams and early detection are key.

Potential signs and symptoms of testicular cancer include a lump or swollen testicle(s), loss of sex drive, back pain, breast growth or tenderness, pre-puberty growth of hair on face and body, aches in the belly or testicles.

Kaleida Health is part of the Great Lakes Cancer Care Collaborative (GLCCC), and we are here for you and your family. If you or someone you know has concerns about testicular health, please call us at 716-884-3000, and we will help you to coordinate an appointment with one of our expert providers.