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A Donation to The Children's Hospital of Buffalo Foundation is FOR Kids like Hailee

Updated: 9/24/2021

When Hailee was six months old, Kierra, Hailee’s mom, had noticed a large “bump” on her head. Not thinking anything of it, Hailee started getting sick and very irritable. She was not acting like herself. Arriving at Oishei Children’s Hospital, Hailee’s physician had also noticed a “golf-ball” sized protrusion on the top of Hailee’s head. After a series of tests and cat scans, Hailee was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis.

Craniosynostosis is a condition in which sutures of the skull fuse together and harden prematurely. Due to the pressure on Hailee’s brain and on her optic nerve, she was experiencing problems with her vision as well. “The staff and surgeons have been so helpful and amazing. They made us feel like family. Even in COVID, you need that support. She was only a baby going into surgery. OCH has been a godsend, we knew they would take care of us.” - Hailee's mom, Kierra 

Watch her full story here.