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Kaleida Health Family Planning Center Awarded Best STD Testing Organization in Buffalo by

Updated: 3/11/2021

Kaleida Health Family Planning Center was recognized for outstanding services and free or low-cost health screenings, a trusted informational guide for medical lab testing and at-home screening, has recognized the Kaleida Health Family Planning Center as one of the best community-based organizations in Buffalo for providing vital services, such as free or low-cost STD testing and treatment, to fight the growing STD epidemic.

Research shows that the Buffalo region, which, defined on page 8 of the report, consists of Erie, Niagara, and six other core counties, saw a decrease in diagnoses of chlamydia, still the most reported STD in the region, but saw increases in gonorrhea and syphilis cases, especially among men. The Buffalo region had 7,798 chlamydia cases reported in 2018, which works out to a rate of 538.9 per 100,000 residents while gonorrhea cases increased in 2018, with 2,856 diagnoses for a rate of 197.7 per 100,000 residents compared to 2,743 diagnoses for rate of 190.6 in 2017. The Buffalo region also saw 108 early non-primary, non-secondary syphilis and primary and secondary syphilis cases for a rate of 7.8 per 100,000 residents. In response to this public health crisis, it’s critical that local organizations offer the community free and low-cost resources to help prevent the spread of STDs.’s report aims to educate the public about the current health crisis and encourage people in the community to reach out to local organizations for testing and treatment options. To view the full report, please visit


At the Kaleida Health Family Planning Center, the focus is on helping patients take control of their health and their life—whether that means providing help with free or low-cost birth control, STD testing and treatment, gynecological exams and more. The compassionate family planning staff is available to assist – confidentially – with screenings, education and treatment. For more information visit

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