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Statement Regarding New York State’s Emergency Hospital Procedures

Updated: 11/30/2020

Kaleida Health released the following statement in response to New York State’s new COVID-19 emergency hospital procedures:

Our COVID positive inpatient numbers continue to rise, consistent with what we are seeing across Western New York.

At this time, we still have enough capacity to run day-to-day operations, which we are calling “dual systems of care.”

This is the ability to treat COVID and non-COVID patients without completely interrupting hospital operations while keeping patients, families and the workforce safe. Key to this is our workforce, sufficient testing capacity, space planning efforts as well as supplies and equipment.

We continue to measure and monitor the daily impact of increasing cases on our hospital system capacity. At this time, the number of hospitalized patients is manageable, but continued increases will strain our staffing levels. Fortunately, we are not seeing the demand or need for as much ICU utilization as we had back in the spring. That said, this does not diminish the seriousness of the situation.

While we are well positioned and prepared for dealing with this second wave, we still need the community’s help with the three W’s: wearing a mask, washing their hands and watching their distance. If not for anything else, to help protect the frontline healthcare workers who deal with COVID everyday.

As far as “patient load balancing” between hospitals, this is something that is done every day at Kaleida Health. 

In fact, we have been doing this exact type of balancing for the past week or so as we deal with the current spike of COVID cases. We have moved patients to, from and between Buffalo General Medical Center, DeGraff Medical Park, Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital and Oishei Children’s Hospital to help manage surge and capacity. 

We also have the ability to move and/or take patients to/from Olean General Hospital, Bradford Regional Medical Center as well as with our partners in Great Lakes Health, the Erie County Medical Center. 

Regarding elective surgeries, we have been working since the spring with our physician leaders across the health system to ensure that we are managing patient care and patient hardship during COVID. Last week, we began to postpone and reschedule non-emergent procedures that would require lengthy hospital stays. This was done in conjunction with Kaleida Health’s Surgical Executive Committee. 

As we are just learning about this issue via Governor Cuomo’s daily update, we are awaiting official written directives from New York State.  (For example, does this only mean elective/planned surgery that requires an overnight stay, does this impact same day procedures, etc.). Once we get further direction and information from New York State regarding restriction or resumption of cases, we will communicate appropriately with our physicians, staff and patients.