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Standing Together, Committed to Equality and Justice - Kaleida Health Going Yellow as Sign of Peace and Solidarity

Updated: 6/5/2020

We grieve for George Floyd, his family, and the many victims of racially motivated social injustice, violence and discrimination. 

All of which are wrong and have gone on for far too long.

As a healthcare organization, we are everyday advocates for the patients that we serve.

Never has there been a greater time for us to understand that tremendous obligation and utilize our advocacy role on behalf of our entire community, not just our patients or our employees. Our mission and vision include being a strong voice, being that advocate and standing up for what is right.

Simply stated: Kaleida Health stands in support and solidarity with our communities of color.  

Beginning tonight, we will light Buffalo General Medical Center and any of our buildings/areas in yellow where possible as a sign of peace and solidarity against racism and social injustice.

We encourage the entire Kaleida Health family to join in at home, as well as all Western New Yorkers, including businesses and office buildings across the community.

Let that yellow light serve as a beacon of hope and help us never forget Mr. Floyd and all of the others who have suffered at the hands of racism, intolerance and injustice.