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Spectrum News: Allergies or Coronavirus: Doctor Says a Fever is a Warning Sign

Released: 5/19/2020 10:38:59 AM

By  Breanna Fuss Buffalo 
PUBLISHED 11:30 AM ET May. 18, 2020 PUBLISHED 11:30 AM EDT May. 18, 2020 UPDATED 1:26 PM ET May. 18, 2020SHARE
It's that time of the year again. The sniffles and sneezes are back, and while always uncomfortable and annoying, this year, don't expect it to be any better.
​"I expect it to be a season where people complain about their allergies, they feel them, they feel pretty bad, so expect it to be a season like any other one," said Dr. Stanley Schwartz, an Internal Medicine doctor with Kaleida Health. "And every other one people tell me it's their worst."

So, keep the Kleenex handy. As the trees continue to bud, Dr. Schwartz says he's getting all sorts of new questions.

Like coronavirus, allergies can cause a cough and shortness of breath, but there is one symptom that's a sure sign your sniffles and sneezes might be something more.

"If it's an allergy, you're not going to have a fever," Dr. Schwartz said. "So, a fever is always associated with infection.

"Do you feel pretty lousy," he asked. "COVID runs, to use your term, the spectrum."

Dr. Schwartz stressed the importance of calling a doctor with any concerns.

In regards to the use of steroids to treat allergies and asthma, Dr. Schwartz says continue to do so.

"The better you are in terms of health, the less likely you are to have a bad outcome when it comes to COVID,” he explained. "If we are sneezing, coughing while we have allergies, and if you do have coexisting COVID, you don't want to be coughing and sneezing and risking the health of everyone around you."

So, what's next on the allergy outlook? Next month starts the grass allergy season through August. Then the later part of August comes ragweed, and through the first killing frost.

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