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A Note of Thanks

Updated: 4/30/2020

As we all try to navigate these uncertain times, it is important to take time to thank everyone for their efforts.

First, we want to thank each and every member of our Kaleida Health Laboratories team for their hard work, dedication, and commitment. We have such an amazing staff of talented, expert, laboratory professionals that continue to rise to the challenge. Our role in testing specimens has never been more important as we have an entire community counting on us to deliver results. We are so proud of how our team continues to forge ahead and combat COVID-19 together.

While most of our team will never interact with the patients in our community directly, our team plays a vital role in patient care. They always have and always will. It is so important to acknowledge and appreciate all of the behind the scenes efforts happening within our team.

As a laboratory team, we continue to do the best we can with what we have. While we understand testing supplies are extremely limited at the moment, our team is working hard to process hundreds of tests a day. We have always provided ourselves on delivering results with accuracy and efficiency and feel very fortunate to work with such a dedicated team of laboratory professionals.

Finally, we want to thank the entire community for being so supportive. It is true when they say that Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors. Everything from food and supply donations to people staying at home and practicing social distancing, please know that we are thankful for your help during this challenging time.

Thank you all and stay healthy.

Keith Hoerth
Vice President
Kaleida Health Laboratories

John Tomaszewski, MD
Chief of Service
Kaleida Health Laboratories