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VNA of WNY Offering Enhanced Telehealth Services

Updated: 12/7/2018

The Visiting Nursing Association of Western New York (VNA of WNY) has partnered with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) to offer enhanced telehealth services to their patients.

The VNA was an early adopter of telehealth, first investing in the technology 15 years ago. The decision to introduce HRS telehealth was based on the software’s enhanced functionality, ease of use, educational opportunities and resultant clinical outcomes. The team at the VNA of WNY expects that the enhanced telehealth program will improve clinical care and promote patient independence.

“This new partnership with HRS will be valuable in allowing us to provide a higher level of care and oversight of our patients who struggle to manage their chronic diseases,” said Judy Baumgartner, president of the VNA of WNY. “Having frequent access to vital signs along with the ability to have more interaction with our patients will only further improve the care we provide in the community.”

At present, the VNA of WNY primarily uses the telemonitoring device with patients who have a cardiac diagnosis, but has plans to expand remote care to patients with other chronic diseases -- including chronic wounds, diabetes and COPD -- as the program develops.

Patients who are placed on VNA of WNY’s telehealth program are provided with 4G tablets loaded with the HRS software. The tablets are paired with Bluetooth biometric devices that allow patients to easily track physiologic data, such as blood pressure, weight and heart rate. The information is automatically transferred to the tablet and electronically delivered to the patient’s nurse, allowing clinical staff to quickly address risk factors that could lead to a hospitalization.

The software also offers medication reminders and disease-specific educational content in order to promote disease management. Additionally, clinicians can use the HRS software to text and video call patients to improve patient communication.

The VNA of WNY is particularly excited about using the software’s video and wound imaging capabilities to augment wound care. The VNA of WNY employs certified wound care professionals who regularly consult with clinicians to ensure they are implementing best practices for the care and treatment of chronic wounds. The telehealth software’s video conferencing and image capture features allow for frequent visualization of wounds to more accurately monitor their progression.

Jarrett Bauer, CEO of HRS, said, “VNA of WNY is an incredibly innovative organization that consistently demonstrates dedication to the success of their patients. We admire and respect their emphasis on patient education and independence. HRS is thrilled to be VNA of WNY’s telehealth partner and we are excited to see how their program develops.”