What is InfoClique?
InfoClique is a web-based application that allows clinicians and support staff to review clinical and demographic information on their patients Kaleida-wide. InfoClique brings together data from many disparate systems into a consolidated view.

To enter InfoClique you must either be on Kaleida's network or connected to the Internet. It requires an Internet browser and you do not need to install any additional software.

We have a secured Internet address https://www.InfoClique.com that you can use to access InfoClique from the home or office and each user is required to have their own user id and password. All queries are logged and reviewed by the Kaleida Health Coprorate Compliance area.

What information can I view?
Depending on your access (physician, support staff or administrator) you can view the following information by patient location, name, medical record/social security number, physician or coverage/practice group queries.

  • Demographic Information
  • Patient History (patient movement, transfers, etc.)
  • Dictated Reports
  • Results
  • Orders
  • Medications
  • ECG
  • Scanned Images
  • Surgery Scheduling

How do I get access to InfoClique ?
Fill out the online registration form to request access.

* Just click continue to enter the demo system *