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Stroke Care Center at Gates Vascular Institute
General Medication Guidelines

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  • Every individual should know the names of the medications they take and why they are taken.
  • Carry an updated list of all medications, all the time, in a wallet or purse. This list should include the medication name, dose and how often it is taken.
  • Medications should be taken at the same time each day. Do not stop taking or change medication without a healthcare provider's approval. Even if symptoms are no longer present, it is important to continue taking medications as prescribed. Seek advice from a physician if symptoms do not improve.
  • Inform healthcare providers of any over the counter (OTC) medications, herbals or nutritional supplements taken.
  • All medications have potential side effects. If an individual thinks they are experiencing a medication side effect, they should contact their physician.
  • Financial programs for purchasing necessary medications are available.  To check on eligibility, the patient should speak with the discharge planner, nurse at discharge or pharmacist prior to going home. After discharge, patients should consult with their local pharmacist.

(Please refer to the "Stroke Treatments" tab for medication descriptions.)