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Stroke Care Center at Gates Vascular Institute
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Doctor and patientRecovery and rehabilitation start once a stroke patient is medically stable. The rehabilitation team includes a physiatrist (rehabilitation physician), pharmacist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech/swallowing therapist, dietitian, nurse, patient care coordinator and social worker.

Kaleida Health therapists are highly-skilled in caring for patients who have experienced strokes and other neurological disorders. They provide comprehensive rehabilitation to help each patient reach full potential.

Discharge from the Hospital

If further rehabilitation is required after hospitalization, the Patient Care Coordinator will help facilitate discharge to the most appropriate form of rehabilitation (subacute versus at-home rehabilitation).

Patient Care Coordinators will discuss the options available and will assist in making arrangements. Some factors that determine which option is best for include:

  • The extent of the brain injury
  • The stroke survivor’s attitude
  • Family support
  • Other medical conditions