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Dear Healthcare Industry Sales Representative,

Kaleida Health is committed to providing the best patient care available to our patients. As a healthcare industry sales representative, you are an integral part of this process and it is a priority of ours to ensure that we, and our vendors, are compliant with Kaleida Health policy and industry standards.

Kaleida Health requires that you provide documentation that you will abide by our standards for environmental health, safety, privacy and quality. In order to accomplish this, Kaleida Health has partnered with Symplr to assist us in credentialing all vendor sales representatives in the most efficient way.

As of April 1, 2009, all vendor sales representatives doing business with Kaleida Health must be credentialed through the Symplr system and must display a current Symplr Boarding Pass when calling on any Kaleida Health facility.

Kaleida Health is one of several area hospitals that require credentials verification for all vendor sales representatives who wish to access our sites. Credentialing by Symplr reduces duplication and streamlines the credentialing process. Verification is renewed annually to maintain the highest level of security for patients and staff.

Kaleida Health's Security staff has been instructed to remove all vendor sales representatives who do not display a current Symplr identification badge. Please contact Symplr at 866-373-9735 or visit if you have not yet been credentialed.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.