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Kaleida Health: A Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

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Kaleida Health: A Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

LGBTQ Healthcare EqualityAt Kaleida Health, we believe that all patients deserve respectful and compassionate health care, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Like all patients, we recognize that LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) individuals need high quality, culturally competent health care from providers who know, respect and understand them. They need providers who know their unique health risks and understand how to provide appropriate referrals and counseling.

Kaleida Health is committed to providing affirmative, sensitive and informed health care to the LGBTQ community. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation named Kaleida Health and its hospitals Leaders in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality for the past five years. Kaleida Health is one of a select group of healthcare systems nationwide to receive this recognition by the HRC Foundation. This honor is given to facilities that meet LGBTQ-inclusive benchmarks contained within the Healthcare Equality Index-a unique survey that evaluates inclusive policies and practices related to LGBTQ patients, visitors and employees. These policies include patient and employee non-discrimination, a guarantee of equal visitation for same-sex partners and parents, and LGBTQ health education for staff.

Kaleida Health's Civil Rights Coordinator works to ensure that our LGBTQ patients receive respectful and compassionate health care.

Our Promise to the LGBTQ Community


As a Kaleida Health patient, LGBTQ individuals will be treated with the respect they deserve.

  • Kaleida Health’s Nondiscrimination policy is inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity expression.
  • Kaleida Health’s visitation policy grants same-sex couples and parents the same access as different-sex couples and parents.

Definition of Family

Kaleida Health defines family as two or more people who are related biologically, legally or emotionally. Same-sex partners are recognized as the patient’s family even if the partners are not legally married.

Health Care Proxy

New York State residents have the right to appoint a health care agent of their choice-including a same-sex partner-with a Health Care Proxy document. A “health care agent” is an adult who you have chosen to make decisions about your health care when you cannot do so. This person is also known as a health care proxy.

Let us Know How We are Doing

If you feel that you are not being treated with respect and dignity or if your needs are not being met at any point during your care, please tell us immediately so that we can correct the situation and improve our services to you. Email us at, or call us anonymously at our Compliance Hotline (833) 990-0040 or our Civil Rights Hotline (716) 859-8020.

Helpful resources for LGBTQ patients