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Services & Programs

Kaleida Health’s Community Health Department serves the 1.5 million people in the eight counties of Western New York by facilitating, developing, coordinating, and communicating a myriad of health education programs, outreach services, speakers and community referrals.

Community Health works to provide education and wellness opportunities for all area residents - from school-aged children to senior citizens.   

Community Outreach

Kaleida Health offers health education and wellness opportunities for you, your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Submit a request for outreach services here.

A FREE community education program held at Kaleida Health facilities. Various physicians and professionals provide these seminars on important health topics.  Visit Healthy U for more information, class schedule and registration.

Upon request, experts will discuss topics and/or provide information and health screenings on a range of topics including: health insurance enrollment, diabetes, stroke, nutrition, orthopedic conditions and heart disease. If you would like Kaleida Health to participate in an upcoming event, please submit a request for outreach services.

Join us! Our Kaleida Health VIP group is a FREE program aimed at helping individuals lead healthier lives through innovative community outreach and education to connect personally with Kaleida Health professionals. Benefits of membership include advance notification for special events, classes and health screenings via email. As an additional incentive, we invite select area businesses and retailers to partner with us by offering discounts or special promotions to our members.

Join our VIP Program

As a Kaleida Health VIP member, you can enjoy discounts at local businesses. Simply let our partners know you are a Kaleida Health VIP member to receive your discount.

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  • All are invited to apply. Applications are subject to review and approved partners will be listed on the Kaleida Health Community Health webpage 
  • Perks should be ongoing (i.e., 10% off when you mention you’re a Kaleida Health VIP) so that traffic is continually driven your business.
  • Membership is also a nice free health and wellness benefit to offer your own employees.

Health Programming

Kaleida Health has several in-depth education opportunities that promote the reduction of health disparities, increase effective use of health services, and promote overall community health. Topics are presented in multiple formats.

Topics (available for presentation)

A patient education program designed to promote better communication between health care providers and patients. Program empowers patients and encourages them to ask and understand the answers to 3 questions at each patient-provider encounter: "What is my main problem," "What do I need to do," and "Why is it important for me to do this?

Teaches the risk factors for stroke, what a stroke is, why it is important to seek treatment quickly if a stroke happens, and the benefits of calling emergency medical services if a stroke is suspected.

Teaches facts and risk factors of prehypertension, hypertension and stroke, including what the numbers mean (BP, total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides), warning signs of a stroke, information on the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, facts about cholesterol, and importance of healthy nutrition.

Maintaining a healthy diet, healthy food options for you and your family, how to read food labels, eating healthy when there are time constraints, and the importance and benefits of regular physical activity.

Education to raise awareness on risk factors, signs and symptoms of heart disease and lifestyle behaviors individuals should embrace to reduce their risk of heart disease.

Various reproductive health topics aimed at reducing and/or preventing STIs, HIV/AIDS, and unwanted pregnancies.

Our experts will discuss routine GYN care from early teens through menopause as well as share information about childbirth education, lactation services, genetic counseling, healthy eating and high-risk pregnancies.

Parent/guardian education on recognizing developmental delays, how and where to obtain resources and support for families of children with suspected or diagnosed developmental disabilities, understanding the special education system, laws, regulations and parent rights, and tips on being an effective parent member of the Committee on Special Education; instruction on the early warning signs of ADHD.

Middle and high school-aged students are engaged with guest speakers and other interactive learning with healthcare professionals to understand the variety of health-related (professional, clinical, technical, support) and business (technology, computers, management) careers available in the healthcare industry.

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