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Corporate Employment & Recruitment

Corporate Employment is the gateway to a career at Kaleida Health. We set the bar high for employees and look for people who have a strong desire to exhibit excellence, compassion and teamwork in everything they do. Our team of recruiters is broken down into areas of specialty, but work as a team to bring the very best talent to our organization.

What to expect

When you apply to Kaleida Health, you can be assured that all applications will be reviewed and compared to the requirements for the position(s) that you've applied to. Those applicants who appear to meet the qualifications may be called for a brief phone conversation so that the Corporate Employment Recruiter may learn more about their background. The applicants who appear to be the most qualified will be scheduled for an in-person interview with the Corporate Employment Recruiter. The applications of those who are the best match for a position will then be forwarded to the hiring manager for review. The manager will then decide who they would like to interview. Once the hiring manager has made their hiring decision, an official offer will be made to the selected applicant by the Corporate Employment Recruiter.

If you are hired for a position at Kaleida Health, you will have a pre-employment physical & drug screen. Providing you have cleared the pre-employment physical and drug screen, your first day of employment will take place at the Larkin Building where you will attend Corporate General Orientation. Your second day of employment will include attending Site Orientation which will take place with your Site Human Resources Department. Once you have attended Corporate General Orientation and Site Orientation, you will then begin orienting to your department.

What happens if I'm not selected for a position?

Due to the volume of applications received, it is not always possible to contact and interview every applicant. The applicants who are not selected as the final candidate for a position will receive a written communication by email unless an email address is not available. At which time, a letter may be mailed to the applicant.