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Robotic Surgery

Buffalo General Medical Center is home to some of the most talented, highly-trained surgeons in the region.  Together with the latest technology and an experienced surgical team, they are performing robotic general and bariatric surgical procedures that are providing a much better surgical and recovery experience for patients.

History of robotic surgery

Robotics can be traced as far back as the 15th century and Leonardo da Vinci. 

An avid inventor and artist, da Vinci’s exhaustive study of human anatomy led him to develop the first known robot, appropriately named “Leonardo’s Robot,” around 1495.

In the early 1950s, a means of remotely handling hazardous materials via a robotic arm using cables-referred to as “telepresence”-was developed and the robotics era officially began.

The rise of computers and microtechnologies in the 1980s were major catalysts in the field of robotic surgery.  Since then, the technology has advanced at a remarkable rate and robotics has grown from use in simple minimally invasive surgeries to increasingly more complex procedures.