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Gates Vascular Institute (GVI)
Access Emergency Department from E. North Street
875 Ellicott Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

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Emergency Department
What to Expect

Triage Nurse and patient

Upon arrival, patients are triaged by a nurse who documents patients’ symptoms, medications, medical history and vital signs.  Based on the triage, patients are assigned a severity level, which helps identify patients requiring immediate attention.

Patients requiring urgent care are treated first. You may be directed to the waiting room, but please notify the triage nurse immediately if you feel that your condition has changed since you first gave the triage nurse your health information.

To ensure timely testing, Imaging services are located just steps away from the Emergency Department.

What information do I need at Registration?

Patients should be prepared to provide the receptionist his or her name, address, primary care physicians’ name and insurance information.  A consent form that gives Emergency Department personnel permission to treat the patient and to bill the patient’s insurance carrier should be signed.

Zero Tolerance Zone

Visiting the Emergency Department may cause anxiety and fear. Patients and their family members want fast, effective care and Kaleida Health’s goal is to treat all patients fairly, professionally and in a timely manner. Absolutely no verbal or physical abuse of staff or those waiting to be seen will be tolerated. Those who do not comply will be asked to leave.