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Rehabilitation Medicine - Acute Medical Rehabilitation
What is CARF?

What is quality?

CARF-accredited service providers meet the highest national and international standards for quality, such as employing qualified professional staff. CARF accreditation demonstrates quality on a more personal level -- your seal of satisfaction.

You want quality in the things you buy, in the things you produce, and in your life in general. You want it in the services you select for yourself, your family members, and your friends.

But what is quality?

The answer to this question is different for every person. Some commonly accepted values of quality for service providers include the following:

  • The organization asks you, the customer, if you are satisfied with your services. The organization believes that only the customer can evaluate quality.
  • Service planning is done by teams that include you and design your plan to meet your unique needs and preferences.
  • The organization is responsive to your questions about your plan and services, and it makes sure that you have and understand the information you need.
  • Service plans are individualized to meet your needs as a unique person.
  • The mission and purpose of the organization reflect an attitude of "The customer is always right and should be delighted by the services provided and the service provider."

By asking questions and observing the service provider in action, you can get an idea of whether the provider delivers the quality services you would like to receive.

What is accreditation?

When a service provider asks for CARF accreditation, it sets a rigorous consultative process in motion. That process includes the full resources and experience of our internationally recognized organization and, importantly, the people who use these services.

You can begin your search for quality services by making sure that the services you are considering are accredited. Accreditation is a good sign that an organization cares about delivering quality services to its customers. You can think of accreditation as a "seal of quality" that the organization's services have been awarded because they have delivered positive results.

You probably already know the idea of accreditation. You may have gone to an accredited school or received medical treatment from an accredited hospital or clinic. Also, many of the products and services you buy every day have been evaluated by an impartial group for quality and safety. For example, you may have looked at Consumer Reports before buying a car or household appliance.

A CARF-accredited organization shows commitment to continually improving its services.

How can CARF accreditation help you find quality services? CARF accredits the services of an organization only if those services meet the CARF standards in the CARF standards manual. The CARF accreditation process promotes the highest standards of quality.

What does CARF accredit?

From the U.S. to Canada, Europe, and South America, rehabilitation and human services providers seek CARF accreditation because of its value to consumers. CARF accredits only those programs that meet the rigorous standards established by CARF.

An accredited organization that is trying to continually improve its services must be able to recognize and measure improvement. How can an organization tell if it is improving? The organization's staff members will ask you, the customer. The organization may do surveys asking you to write down your answers. Or they may have someone ask you questions and write down your answers. Through the results you achieve from its services, the organization finds out how well it is doing and where it needs to improve.

The mission of CARF is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through accreditation that centers on enhancing the lives of the persons served. CARF's purpose is to improve the quality of services that enhance the lives of the persons served. You, the customer, should have access to quality services and be directly involved in determining whether an organization meets the standards for quality in its services.