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Buffalo General Medical Center
100 High Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

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Pastoral Care
Services Provided

Buffalo General Hospital

Director: Rev. Richard H. Augustyn
Phone: 859-2864, Fax: 859-1625
On-Call Chaplain: 629-6368

Semi-annual Memorial Service: Conducted for all patients and employees who have died during the year

Catholic Mass: Monday – Friday at 12:00 Noon – Chapel B-Building 1st Floor
Saturday – 3:30 PM – Harlan-Swift Auditorium

Jewish Rabbi: On call as well as other faith representatives

Bedside Visits: Made on an inter-faith basis to all patients

Michael Aidala
Rosemary Block
Bishop Ronnie Brown
David Czachorowski
Mary Ann Dudek
David Everett
Rev. Patrick Fernantes
Peggy Frandina
Ginger Gibbons
Raymond Gibbons, D.D.S.

Mark Karaszewski
Bobbie Markiewicz
Raymond McGrath
William Meiler
Rev. Dorothy Myers
Joseph Riedy
Marge Stanley
Joan Uschold
Arlene Zawadzk

Volunteer Secretaries
Bonnie Burek
Viola Brice
Denise Peplowski
Stan Topor

DeGraff Memorial Hospital

Director: Rev. Kenneth Comer
Phone: 690-2340
On-Call Chaplain: 448-7061, 448-6556

Rev. Don Mohr
Carol Ann Gleason, Pastoral Care Helper
Bill Miles, Chaplain

Annual Memorial Service: Conducted for all patients and staff who have passed in the previous year from our Skilled Nursing Facility.

Chapel: Open 24hrs. for prayer and meditation. It is located on the first floor on the south corridor past the elevators and across from Our Ladies Auxiliary Gift Shop.

Opportunities for Spiritual Expression at our Skilled Nursing Facility:
Catholic Mass - Saturdays at 3:30 P.M. (public welcome, held in the first floor cafeteria.*)
Protestant Service - 1st. and 3rd. Mondays at 7:00 P.M.*
Non-Denominational Service - Sundays at 3:30 P.M.
Devotions - Monday 10:30 A.M.*
Bible Study - 4th Monday 12 Noon

Pastoral Care Visitation: Visits are provided for all patients, their family members and friends, as well as, the staff at DeGraff Memorial Hospital. Bedside visits can be requested through your nurse
or by calling ext.3622, or calling 448-7061 - 448-6556

All services provided are available on an interfaith basis. We will make every effort to connect you with your current. Primary Pastoral Care Provider of any faith as is possible.

Close circuit Television services of local Churches and Synagogues will soon be available.

Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital

Director: Christine F. Stry
Phone: 568-3777
On-Call: Please call Switchboard

Memorial Services: Conducted for families and staff upon request.

Chapel: An interdenominational space for : quiet, prayer, reflection. Inspirational materials, booklets, and prayer leaflets are available in the Chapel.

Bedside Visits: Available on an inter-faith basis to all patients. If you would like a visit from a member of the Pastoral Care staff, please call the Pastoral Care office or ask your nurse to contact a chaplain for you.

Support Services:
Available for patients’ families, friends, visitors, and staff. Please call or visit the Pastoral Care office. For specific religious, denominational,or spiritual needs, a chaplain or member of the Pastoral Care department is able to help you with contacting your place of worship. To see a rabbi, or other denominational representative, please make your request to a chaplain.

Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo

Director: Sr. Brenda Whelan, RSM
Phone: 878-7920, Fax: 888-3806
On Call Chaplain Number: from outside the hospital: dial 878-1789 and ask the operator to page the Chaplain on call. If you are in the hospital, you may either ask your nurse to page an on call chaplain, or you may use a hospital phone and dial 0 asking the operator to please page the on call chaplain.

Betty Divito
Kathy Wrobel
Rev. Fred Beyer
Joe Blatz

Hours: There is a chaplain on call 24hrs. a day, seven days a week.

Services Provided:
• Annual Memorial Service
• Emergency Baptism
• Roman Catholic and Protestant Communion
• Prayers and Blessing
• Relaxation and Massage Therapy
• Counseling for Bereavement and Healing
• Contact with local religious resources

Chapel: Interdenominational, open 24hrs, located on 1st floor across from the boardroom

Pastoral Care Services are provided for all patients, their family, friends, and staff at the hospital

The Spirit . . . is the passion, the yearning inside every person that motivates one’s life.
Spirituality . . . is whoever or whatever gives ultimate meaning in one’s life.
Spiritual Care . . . is to discover, reverence and tend to the spirit of another person.